Where is the money going to go?

All of the money raised from the weekend will go to the Bristol Anarchist Black Cross, a group that focuses on prisoner support as well as forwarding campaigns for prison abolition. So as well as supporting individual prisoners we will also give some of the money to groups in the UK and abroad that are involved in similar struggles.

Info about some of the people/groups we have supported in the past or plan to give money to from the tattoo circus:


Taylor is a transmasc prisoner who has served over 10 years in prison as part of an indeterminate sentence which has effectively created a life sentence for minor crimes. Both before and after being imprisoned, he has been subject to years of physical, sexual and psychological abuse. The long-term imprisonment with no end-date has slowly destroyed Taylor’s mental health. He has attempted suicide multiple times, including slitting his own throat and taking an overdose that led him to being in a coma.

Find out more about Taylor: https://iwoc.iww.org.uk/free-taylor/

Kevan Thakrar

Kevan Thakrar is an IWW member and miscarriage of justice who has served over a decade in prison. Kevan has been fighting for his life as a miscarriage of justice for the past 11 years, and has worked tirelessly to shed light on the corruption and abuse that happens in British prisons as well as helping other prisoners stand up for their rights.

For more info on Kev’s case: http://justiceforkevan.org/

Smash IPP

Smash IPP is a collective of people fighting for the release of IPP (Imprisonment for Public Protection) prisoners, and the abolition of life licenses. Many members have friends and family who are locked up with indefinite sentences. This uncertainty has a tremendous impact on the health of loved ones and communities. The group supports IPP prisoners emotionally and legally, as well as supporting friends and loved ones of IPPs. They also raise awareness and educate people about IPP sentences, and empowering them to take action. They campaign both for individual prisoners and for IPPs collectively.

Find out More: http://smashipp.noflag.org.uk/about-smash-ipp/

Activist Court Aid Brigade (ACAB)

Drawing together a wide range of people active on the far left, ACAB supports defendants facing prosecution for their alleged involvement in struggles for collective liberation and the destruction of capital, as they navigate the intimidatingly complex English legal system. They organise defendants’ meetings; provide guidance on charges and possible defences; assist in the construction of cases, whether or not the defendant is represented by a solicitor; provide physical and emotional support during the course of proceedings, as well as producing useful resources such as updated versions of ‘No Comment: The Defendant’s Guide to Arrest’ and the android app ‘Bustcard.’

International ABC groups:

There are Anarchist Black Cross groups all over the world and we recognise that it is a lot more difficult for groups in less affluent countries to raise money, and that a lot of the affluence in this country is based on its colonial policies/history. Other countries also have to deal with severe repression from the state and so we regularly support other ABC/anti oppression groups in other countries around the world.


The international anarchist defence fund is a structure that provides financial support to anarchists around the world who are persecuted or find themselves in a difficult life situation because of their political ideas or activities.

More info: https://afund.antirep.net/

More coming soon!