Why Prison Abolition?

Although a world without prisons may be difficult to imagine, we as abolitionists believe that prisons can not be reformed or fixed and that we have to aim to bring an end to the prison system and all aspects of the prison-industrial-complex. It is not as easy as simply tearing down the walls and emptying the cages though.

Prisons are part of a wider social problem caused by inequality and oppression. Prison abolition involves combating the prison system on all its fronts as well as creating alternatives to the punitive justice system that address the root causes of crime and challenge the oppressive forces present in society.

Prisons are the state’s ultimate method of controlling and intimidating people, and they are inherently isolating. So as people living on the outside we believe that it is our role to try to break that isolation and so supporting prisoners is an essential part of the work we do. We guarantee that all the money raised from this event will go towards supporting prisoners through paying legal fees, organising solidarity campaigns and prison visits and writing to people on the inside.

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